Whether you are newly pregnant and planning for your first baby or an experienced parent wanting a new tool to help you with your busy life, shopping for your first carrier can seem both exciting and daunting at the same time!  Our other guides will help you factor in any other concerns you may be working with, but there still are some unique considerations to learn about while choosing your first carrier.


Babywearing is a learned skill; the parent learns to wear and the baby learns to be carried.  When you are both new to the idea, it helps to have a carrier with as much simplicity as possible to gain experience with.  Learning curves can vary dramatically, so selecting the carrier that seems simple to you will be important.

One Step

Pouches, a tube of fabric that makes a seat for your baby to sit in, simply require you to set your baby into the pouch, with no adjustment needed.  If your baby is old enough to sit up, a pouch is a perfect first carrier when you are looking for one easy step.

Tie and Go

For those wanting the support of a two shouldered carrier, a mei tai is a great first choice.  Mei tais are very easy to learn to use, with the option of wearing your baby on your front or back.  2 simple knots are all that are needed to secure your baby to you.

Newborn Snuggles

If you are shopping for a newborn, consider choosing a stretchy wrap.  They are a very popular choice for the first carrier ever, with good reason.  Stretch wraps are as easy to tie as your shoelaces and can be left on while your baby is taken in and out of the carrier.  The soft fabric stretches around you, keeping your baby snug against you.

Deciding to carry your baby is one of the best choices you can make for your family!  Your first carrier should be easy to use, comfortable and should build your confidence in your babywearing skill.

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