Do you spend your day with a baby on your hip?

If you are like most parents, you spend much of your time with your baby perched on one hip.  A hip carrier lets you carry your baby in his favorite position while you go about your day.  A waist belt distributes your baby’s weight evenly across your hips, while one shoulder strap keeps you going without restricting your other arm.  Hip carriers can be used from the time your baby can sit unsupported well into toddlerhood.

Sounds great!  Tell me more…

Hip Carriers are a perfect choice for the parent who wishes to continue to carry their baby in the front as he gets older.  Babies who have not been worn very much before are often happiest in a hip carrier since they can be close to you without feeling constricted.  The padded construction of the waist belt and body provides support for you and your baby.  The single shoulder strap comfortably stays capped in place, so you have freedom of movement of both arms.  Hip carriers can be used in front facing and back carrying positions as well, offering some flexibility. Your baby is ready for a hip carrier when he can sit unsupported, from about 6 months on.  You can continue to use it until your baby reaches 35lbs. Buckles are easily adjustable making hip carriers fit comfortably on most sized adults.  Hip carriers are easy to learn to use and are perfect for quick carries.

Recommended Positions:

Front Facing In

*Front Facing Out

Ideal For:

-Use by more than one person
-First carrier
-Quick on and off

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