Keep your baby close to your heart!

Front Packs are one of the most popular carriers available, for good reason!  Simple buckles make them easy to learn how to use and fast to get your baby in and out of.  Padded shoulder straps and waist bands keep you comfortable by evenly distributing your baby’s weight.  Front packs can be used from the time your baby has good head and neck control until he reaches about 35lbs.

Sounds great!  Tell me more…

Front Packs are an ideal first carrier since they have such a small learning curve.  A wide variety of styles to choose from means that you can select the features that you prefer.  Most front packs also function as back packs, so you can continue to use the same carrier as your baby grows.  Some front packs can even do a hip carry too!  Front packs have structured shoulder and waist straps that distribute your baby’s weight to your hips and back, keeping you comfortable for long periods of time.  Added features such as sleep hoods and storage pockets make the carriers as functional as possible for new parents.  You will be able to nurse your baby in most front packs, once your baby has good head and neck control.  The weight and age recommendations for front packs vary from one brand to the next, but most can be used from about 15lbs to 45lbs.  They are adjustable and can fit most adults well.  Some front packs let you place your baby in the carrier before lifting him up onto your body.

Recommended Positions:

*Front Facing In
*Front Facing Out

Ideal For

-2 shouldered support
-First carrier
-Outdoor activities
-Many available positions
-Infant to toddler
-Quick on and off
-One size fits most

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