Finding a carrier that fits well is essential to making comfortable babywearing a part of your life with your baby.  Women who are petite need to choose carriers that will adjust to a small enough size to fit them well and to hold the baby securely.  There are lots of available options, with most styles able to be adjusted to fit even very petite women.

Soft structured carriers (SSC’s) feature shoulder and waist straps that are quite adjustable.  Some women with narrow shoulders do find that certain brands are too large for them, so comparing the strap lengths the manufacturer provides can be helpful while making your selection.  Petite women often find that SSCs with unstructured waists, such as the Pikkolo, fit them especially well.  Fully structured brands known for fitting smaller people well include the Oh Snap!, Beco Butterfly, Beco Gemini and the Angelpack.

When choosing a ring sling, size has more to do with fashion than function for petite mothers.  Ring slings can be adjusted to fit any size, but smaller people will find that regular sized ring slings may leave them with a tail that hangs down quite far.  This can look beautiful, which is why so many prefer the look of a longer tail.  If you do not, it is easy to bring the tail through the rings to shorten its overall length.  Some brands, including the Upmama hybrid pouch and the Sleeping Baby Productions ring sling, come in sizes allowing you to choose the right one for you.

Woven wraps can be ideal for small women, since most brands offer several choices on length.  With a shorter wrap (3.7 meters), petite women can tie most carries suggested, without having excess tail length left over.

Mei tais come in varying dimensions and strap length, depending on the design.  Petite women might want to choose a brand that has a smaller body size and/or shorter strap length.  Freehand, Cat Bird and Babyhawk mei tais all fit that description.

Women tend to be the primary babywearers in most households, so designers keep that in mind when sizing their carriers.  There are many options for petite women to choose from.  Selecting a carrier that fits you well will ensure that you can comfortable wear you baby as much as you would like!

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