Your premature baby decided to make an early entrance into the world! Research is clear that skin to skin care is the standard for optimizing the growth and health of preemies[1]. Kangaroo Care helps parents as well, allowing parents to care for their new baby’s needs in a way that is empowering. While skin to skin care does not require a baby carrier to implement, it is not practical without one, especially outside of the hospital setting. The right baby carrier lets parent keep their baby in Kangaroo Care in the hospital as well as once they are at home. Premature babies can have some special considerations, so choosing the right carrier is an important step. We recommend using stretch wraps or ring slings with your preemie.

Stretch Wraps

There are several different brands of stretch wrap, any of which will be appropriate for your premature baby. Made of soft cotton knit (Gypsymama, Moby) or cotton blend (Sleepy Wrap), stretch wraps conform perfectly to you and your babies bodies. The easy to care for fabric can be quickly washed and dried so you can get back to wearing your preemie as quickly as possible. Carefully tied, stretch wraps can even be worn in place of your shirt, allowing your baby to be directly skin to skin with you, maximizing the impact of kangaroo care.

Ring Slings

Quick adjustability can be an asset when you are caring for a new baby, which makes ring slings a good choice for premature babies. A wide variety of fabric choices are available, including cotton, linen and even silk, so you can choose the type that suits your baby the best. Small babies can be hard on fabrics, so you may want to consider a brand that is easily washable, such as Maya Wrap or Sleeping Baby Productions. Ring slings are the best carrier for nursing in, so your baby can stay in continuous skin to skin care if you choose.


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